Commited to real ale in Loughborough

30th April 2018 - John Davis

Neil's quest to survey every pub in Loughborough

We think Loughborough needs a real ale trail, if any of you lovely people wish to help out Neil will be checking into pubs around town using our facebook page.

His heroic quest is taking place on Saturday 5th May, don't be scared to say Hi!

More than just dedicated

30th April 2018 - Craig Sanders

Making 2018 the year of The Wheeltapper

I think since starting work at The Wheeltapper I realised the potential of the bar, but I never knew my obsession for sourcing great beer would be taken to new heights.

Working under John and Neil has already taught me so much, from changing Keg lines to providing great customer service, the bar has entered my life like a freight train and won’t show any sign of slowing down.

I have a mission within this bar on a personal level, to help source truly great beer from micro breweries worldwide; which I am literally doing. I’ve already held meetings with a lot of people whilst on my beer hunting travels and next month takes me to Amsterdam, Brussels and Stockholm to do just the same. The reason I do it is simple......

I want the The Wheeltapper to be the best. Not a run of the mill place. THE BEST. We already offer the highest variety of draught Craft Beer, in Loughborough and rival the best that Leicestershire has to offer.

I pride myself on not only providing the best beer (of course we want to sell what we have), but I also want to make sure our customers have beers/coffees/food that is curated to each individual person, that to me is great customer service, service with a smile and sending love to the customers that are engaging with you actually resonates and brings an experience rather than just a purchase.

I’ll always greet people with the same welcome and always wish them well, this is what will get people back through our doors.

I’m also increasing my vast knowledge of beer as a whole by taking a cicerone course in the near future, so I can improve on my performance to bring you, our clientele the best sourced products we can find.

It’s all a work in progress for me and this is at beginner level as well, imagine what will happen within a year or two? The possibilities are endless right now and I am relishing the challenge.

And now for something completely similar

24rd April 2018 - John Davis

Majority rule? Yes, it will happen, at The Wheeltapper

Hot topic in the UK beer scene this week is the latest news from the CAMRA AGM. 72% of CAMRA members voted for the full revitalization project this weekend. While this is excellent news for the UK beer scene, and fantastic that so many of you want to campain for pubs and good beer in all its forms, unfortunately in order for it to be official dogma a majority vote of 75% was required.

Now, let me declare my interests. Without CAMRA I would not be here now serving great beer. It's undeniable that all of CAMRA's efforts over the past 40 years really have worked wonders to bring great beer to drinkers in the UK. On a personal level too, as a pub landlord I've been lucky enough to get the support of the worlds most successful consumer pressure group. We've had a podium place in the local POTY for most of the past decade, with The King's Head in Leicester winning POTY in 2015 and 2016. We've been included in 6 editions of the Good Beer Guide and CAMRA has successfully helped fight against the rise in duty on real ales.

So it's not all bad, CAMRA have decided to support craft beer at beer festivals, our bar rocked at Leicester Fest this year. Also, the move to seperate CAMRA membership from just being a discount card is a major step. Good pubs will survive, we aren't going to run scared anytime soon. We will carry on our mission to support real ale and craft beer breweries from around the world and bring their liquid libations to the public whether in keg or cask.

Keep on suppin'! (Responsibly of course.) x

A few words from our mate George

23rd April 2018 - George Tindle

Traditional ales in the modern world

The first patent for a hand pump to dispense beer was granted in March of 1691. The Beer Engine, as it is known, drew beer from the barrel when the lever was pulled. This method of dispensing beer quickly became very popular and from then onwards it was the most common method of dispensing beers. Since 1691 there have been many technological innovations in numerous fields, but somehow for more than two and a half centuries the beer engine seemed to retain its position as the preferred method of dispensing beers.

The advent of electric pumps, pressurized gas delivery systems and other methods of delivering beer to the glass have since resulted in a reduction in the use of the traditional beer engine. Modern dispensing methods have also resulted in changes to the brewing process; in order to utilize the systems with maximum ease and minimum waste. Unfortunately some of the earliest beers brewed for dispensing via kegs or electric pumps were of a lower standard than the brews dispensed through hand pumps. As the brewers had had a few hundred years to perfect their brews for dispense via the traditional beer engine this should not come as a surprise to anyone. When beer engines were first introduced back in the 17th Century the brewers who changed their recipes to suit the new-fangled method of dispense had a great advantage over those that stuck to the brews that were previously served from a jug; that advantage being that they stayed in business.

Since the dark days of Wantney’s Red, Double Diamond, Worthington E, Power Cuts, regular strikes, and unreliable cars, brewers have been busy improving the brews suitable for dispensing via modern cellar equipment. Also breweries have advanced on their methods of dispensing their drinks. This has resulted in the creation of the Fake Hand-Pull; this method looks like a hand-pull but actually just operates a valve which permits a pump or pressurized gas to propel the liquid through the spout. It is not uncommon for beer drinkers to be heard praising the superior quality of beer drawn up through a beer engine, as they sip away at a beer that has been served with the aid of compressed gas, infact nearly all modern cellar systems utilize these pumps.

Realizing that good beer is good beer regardless of how it is served, two men, Neil Rowley and John Davis, have recently opened a Real Ale Bar in Loughborough which has no hand pumps at all in use. Honesty is the best policy, so all their drinks are served from a tap rather than from a tap disguised as a hand-pulled pump. A visit to The Wheeltapper, 60 Woodgate, LE11 2TZ, is a must for anyone who likes good beer. Any drinkers who still believe that real ale must be served via a hand-pulled pump need to visit this establishment in order to have their nerves calmed.

Die-Hard traditionalists will of course not entertain the idea of drinking beer which hasn’t been served through a hand-pulled pump, or at least a fake one, or perhaps get yourself down to The Wheeltapper. You might just be pleasantly surprised by how good it can be in the 21st Century.